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Catholic Identity

The Roman Catholic Faith is perpetuated and integrated into all aspects of St. Rose School. It can be observed in prayers throughout the day, weekly Mass attendance, reception of the sacraments, service-oriented outreach, and a mission and philosophy statement that conveys the school’s strong Catholic Identity. All curriculum and instruction is faithful to Roman Catholic teachings and meets the requirements set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The teachers at St. Rose School are certified Catechists in accordance with the diocesan certification requirements. All teachers participate in the life of the Catholic parish to which they belong. Teachers guide their classes in preparation for all-school Masses. As with all of the school’s prayer services, assemblies, and Masses, parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

Saint Rose School Philosophy

With the message of Jesus Christ always as our foundation, we the faculty and staff of Saint Rose School strive to develop the whole child. We endeavor to instill Catholic values, which will foster human formation and integrate faith, culture, and life. Recognizing the parent as the primary educator, we - parents, faculty, staff and the faith community - seek together to create an atmosphere in which each child may develop to his or her full potential.