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Our Mission and Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

Our Mission

St. Rose of Lima Catholic School develops leaders. We recognize each person who enters our school as a unique gift from God, intent on learning.  As a community of faith, we grow spiritually, academically, socially, and physically, prepared to live as Disciples of Jesus. Together, we promote Gospel Values and strive to bring the Catholic Faith to life.

St. Rose School Students Are… LEADERS…

L ife-long Learners - We are self-motivated and take initiative in critical thinking when problem solving.

E ffective Communicators - We can resolve differences and build trust and respect.

A ctive Catholics - We celebrate the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church through prayer, study and faith experiences.

D isciples of Christ - We live the Gospel Values in thought, word, and deed.

E mpathetic - We respect and appreciate the differences and gifts of all God’s creations.

R esponsible - We make choices for our spiritual, academic, social, and physical health, and willingly accept the impact of our decisions and actions upon ourselves and others.

S elf-Confident - We journey with God to discover, accept, and use our gifts.


Class Missions

Transitional Kindergarten           Kindergarten         
1st Grade   2nd Grade   3rd Grade
4th Grade     5th Grade     6th Grade
7th Grade 8th Grade