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Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

In 2013, St. Rose School, St. Rose of Lima Parish came under the diocesan governance and oversight of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, Catholic Schools Association of Sacramento (CSAS) board. The Principal of St. Rose School answers directly to the Executive Director of the CSAS as well as the Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish. The community of St. Rose School, St. Rose of Lima Parish continues the previously established work of the St. Rose School, Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC), whose primary role is to serve as an advisory body to the Principal in matters of Catholic Education and Strategic Planning AND to foster school community and a Catholic, faith-filled culture.


  • Mission Effectiveness (Catholic Identity)

  • Enable the Principal to be an educational leader

  • Support the development and implementation of policy

  • Encourage and participate in Strategic Planning

  • Develop ownership and stability for the future including guidance in the area of Finance

  • Marketing and Development (Alumni Outreach and Public Relations Resource)

  • Facilities (Safety and Planning)

  • School in the Community (Outreach and Awareness) promoting lay ministry and service

  • Support and assist the St. Rose School Parent Guild

  • Provide Parents/Guardians with a voice in their children‘s education

Responsibilities include:

  • Work under the direction of and in an advisory capacity to the Principal and Pastor in achievement of parish/school (diocesan) goals for Catholic education

  • Assist in determining sources of funding beyond tuition (Parent Guild)

  • Accomplish the Goals and Objectives of the Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan Sub-committee members work in collaboration with their respective CSAC Subcommittee Chairs to further the goals and accomplish the objectives of their subcommittee. Participants in the Strategic Planning Committee are intended to feed into the Advisory Commission.

  • Assist in the formulation/development of policy that will guide the administration in fulfilling the School‘s philosophy

  • Evaluate effectiveness of Commission policy and achievement of Commission goals

  • Serve as a liaison to the parent body and the parish thus strengthening community

Officers of the Commission include a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. It is recommended that Advisory Commission Nominees should have at least one year experience on Strategic Planning and/or serve on a subcommittee of CSAC prior to sitting on CSAC as a member. Strategic Plan Sub-committee members work in collaboration with their respective CSAC Subcommittee Chairs to further the goals and accomplish the objectives of their subcommittee. This involves a minimum of one subcommittee meeting per month. To get involved or for more information please email the current CSAC Chair at  strosecsacchair@gmail.com

This School Advisory Commission is strictly advisory and serves as the direction-setting body of our school. CSAC is supportive of a school climate where faith can grow. The School Advisory Commission is always supportive of the policies of the Bishop and the Catholic School Department, and the Catholic Schools Association of Sacramento.

2017-18 School Advisory Commission Members

Father Joel Genabia - Ex Officio

Ms. Suzanne Smoley - Ex Officio

Chair - strosecsachair@gmail.com/ .     Catholic Identity

Mr. Kevin Staszkow 

Long Range Strategies & Financial Planning

Mr. Phil Rodriguez

Vice Chair/Parish Relations

Mr. Anthony O'Brien

Secretary/Parent Engagement

Mr. Anthony Rossmiller

Marketing & Community Outreach

 Phil & Kerry Reding

Facilities & Safety

 Scott Miller