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Student Council

The student body of St. Rose School, according to its constitution, elects the Student Council officers.

The Purpose of This Organization is

  • To promote our faith in everyday life and lead by example
  • To share responsibility
  • To promote good citizenship
  • To encourage a high standard of scholarship
  • To foster school spirit, through loyalty, friendliness, helpfulness & good sportsmanship
  • To demonstrate the practical application of democracy, by allowing the students an opportunity to voice their ideas through their representatives
  • To develop skills in self-government
  • To advance the welfare of the school and its members in every possible way

2018-19 Student Council

Detail Name 
PresidentGabe G.
Vice PresidentBeckett Z.
SecretaryAlly V.
Commissioner of Religious AffairsIsa G.
Commissioner of FinanceKyle J.
Commissioner of PublicityJohanna O.
Commissioner of EcologySammie H.
Commissioner of RepresentativesCourtney V.
Commissioner of School SpiritAlexander M. 

2018-19 Class Representatives

Grade Name 

Transitional Kindergarten/KindergartenMegan C. & Alexis W.
1st GradeKKelsey C. & David S.
2nd GradeAva C. & Alexandra O.
3rd GradeInez C.
4th GradeLulu D. & Riah E. 
5th GradeColin K. & Adam M.
6th GradeMallory H. 
7th GradeKaitlyn H.
8th GradeQuincy K.

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Sardo