Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

CSAC Bylaws

The Principal of St. Rose School answers to both the Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish and to the Regional Director of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, Catholic Schools Association of Sacramento (CSAS). The primary role of the Advisory Commission is to serve as an advisory body to the Principal and Pastor in matters of Catholic education in South Placer County, in particular St. Rose School. CSAC also works to forward the school’s strategic plan, and to foster school community and a Catholic, faith-filled culture, thus enabling the Principal to serve as educational leader.

Advisory Commission Areas of Emphasis:

Responsibilities include:

St. Rose School Advisory Commission:

Sub-committee members work in collaboration with their respective Subcommittee Chairs to further the goals and accomplish the objectives of their subcommittee. This generally involves a minimum of one subcommittee meeting per month.

This Advisory Commission is strictly advisory and serves as the direction-setting body of our school. The Advisory Commission is always supportive of the policies of the Bishop and the Catholic School Department, and the Catholic Schools Association of Sacramento, (CSAS).

2020-21 School Advisory Commission Members

Rev. Jospeh Michael Baricuatro - Ex Officio Ms. Suzanne Smoley - Ex Officio
Chair -
Mr. Kevin Staszkow
Mr. Phil Rodriguez
Mr. Brett Reitter Mr. Anthony Rossmiller
Mr. Rob Henrichs Mr. & Mrs. Redding
Mr. Will O'Keefe
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