Student Council

Student Council

The student body of St. Rose School, according to its constitution, elects the Student Council officers.

The Purpose of This Organization is

2019-20 Student Council

Detail Name
President Beckett Z.
Vice President Isa G.
Secretary Juliana S.
Commissioner of Religious Affairs Mia S.
Commissioner of Finance Ally V.
Commissioner of Publicity Helen F.
Commissioner of Service Emma H.
Commissioner of Representatives Mallory H.
Commissioner of School Spirit Kevin D.

2019-20 Class Representatives

Grade Name
Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Ethan R., Bella H., & Cami Z.
1st Grade Rachel S. & Jacqui G.
2nd Grade Sarah S. & Ava B.
3rd Grade Kyrielle D. & Arabella C.
4th Grade Audrey D. & Jack R.
5th Grade Thomas D. & Hayden R.
6th Grade Makaela G.
7th Grade Mikaela H.
8th Grade Johanna O.

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Sardo

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