Student Council

The student body of St. Rose School, according to its constitution, elects the Student Council officers.

The Purpose

Faith Families

Our Faith Families share time together on a regular basis getting to know each other, talking and playing together, and joining in fun and formative activities that deepen their connection to their fellow students and their St. Rose School Community. Students are grouped into school “families” headed by an Eighth Grader and consist of eight other students, one from each grade. Kindergartners become the newest members of school “Faith Families” each September. These “families” will meet in particular, for activities during Red Ribbon Week, Advent, Catholic Schools Week, Lent, or on a beautiful spring day, just to play together.


Want to warm your heart? Come watch how well our students in the middle school support and join in learning and social activities with our young ones. Grade 8 students buddy with Kinder; grade 7 buddies with grade 1; grade 6 buddies with grade 2. Students read to each other, attend Mass together, and join together for any number of activities and learning experiences. The best though, is when buddies of any grade...see each other as they pass in the hall; they extend a smile, high-five, a hug, a smile, or point that finger and say, “I know you!!!” Our Buddy experiences provide that very necessary sense of belonging for each person in St. Rose School.

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