Our Story

Our Story

St. Rose School and St. Rose of Lima Parish

St. Rose School opened in 1960, under the leadership of Monsignor James Corcoran, Pastor, and Sister Margaret Helena, Principal, serving students in grades one through four. The school was originally staffed completely by the Sisters of Mercy of Auburn.

In 1985, the first lay principal was appointed. From that time to the present, the majority of the faculty and staff have been laypersons, all dedicated and faith-filled, and committed to the mission of St. Rose School. The school is now staffed completely by lay teachers however we continue to live the charism of the Sisters of Mercy who were so instrumental in our founding and growth.

The organizational structure of St. Rose School consists of the self-contained classrooms for transitional kindergarten (TK) and kindergarten through fifth grade. The Middle School, grades six through eight, is departmentalized for specialized instruction in religion, math, science, English, literature, history, and Spanish language. St. Rose School also has part-time teacher instruction in physical education, music, as well as a director for chorus and the hand chime and handbell choirs.

As the needs of the school have changed, expansion of the school facilities and programs has occurred. In 1982, a parish, multi-purpose facility was constructed. The science room, gym, kitchen, and cafeteria housed in this building serve many school and parish functions. Additionally an Extended Day Care program was added to accommodate working parents needing before and after school care for their children. In 1988 the kindergarten was enlarged. In addition, a computer room and library were completed. Since that time, the purposing of these rooms has again changed. Through participation in special funding programs, the library has grown beyond capacity and includes books, periodicals, and computer research space.

Curriculum changes have occurred. In 1993, a school-wide writing program was implemented and included portfolio assessments of student writing, and the use of rubrics for evaluation by both teachers and students. During the 1995 – 1996 school year, the technology plan was developed to support the effective use of technology in the teaching and learning process. Following that plan and its continual revisions, all technological learning tools, laptop computers/carts, interactive whiteboards, one-to-one devices (Chromebooks) and iPads have been welcome additions to the curricular programs of the school. In 2014 St. Rose School became fully wireless and has brought technology at St. Rose School to a new level.

Through careful planning and implementation of the technology plan and the strategic plan, St. Rose School continues to achieve its goals and objectives with the effort to improve student learning and build best practices in teaching.

St. Rose School received a full six-year accreditation by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the spring of 2021. Our self-study is an ongoing process of Improving Student Learning; the administration, faculty, and staff address our recommended Action Plans and continue to improve our instruction and meet the learning needs of all students.

Principals Of St. Rose School, 1960 – Present

From the beginning, to the present day, St. Rose School has been staffed by the Sisters of Mercy of Auburn and faithful lay teachers and staff members. For their dedication and professionalism, we are eternally grateful.

Sister Mary Benedicta (Sister Margaret Helena Mullan) 1960 – 1964
Sister Mary Luke (Sister Jane Golden)
1964 – 1966
Sister Mary Stanislaus (Sister Marian Mulvihill) 1966 – 1968
Sister Noreen McCann (Mrs. Noreen Weber) 1968 – 1970
Sister Mary Agatha (Mrs. Una Berrigan) 1970 – 1973
Sister Mary Daniel 1973 – 1983
Sister Anita Minihane 1983 – 1986
Mrs. Marilyn Schwan 1986 – 1991
Mrs. Marie Giorgi 1992 – 2000
Mr. Charles Suarez 2000 – 2007
Ms. Suzanne Smoley 2007 – 2022
Mr. Michael Garcia 2022 - Present
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