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Our Story

St. Rose School and St. Rose of Lima Parish

St. Rose School opened in 1960, under the leadership of Monsignor James Corcoran, Pastor, and Sister Margaret Helena, Principal, serving students in grades one through four. The school was originally staffed completely by the Sisters of Mercy of Auburn.

In 1985, the first lay principal was appointed. From that time to the present, the majority of the faculty and staff have been laypersons, all dedicated and faith-filled, and committed to the mission of St. Rose School. The school is now staffed completely by lay teachers however we continue to live the charism of the Sisters of Mercy who were so instrumental in our founding and growth.

Today, St. Rose School proudly serves students in Transitional Kindergarten through grade eight.

Principals Of St. Rose School, 1960 – Present

St. Rose School has been blessed with the dedication of many individuals serving as principal.

Sister Mary Benedicta (Sister Margaret Helena Mullan)1960 – 1964
Sister Mary Luke (Sister Jane Golden)1964 – 1966
Sister Mary Stanislaus (Sister Marian Mulvihill)1966 – 1968
Sister Noreen McCann (Mrs. Noreen Weber)1968 – 1970
Sister Mary Agatha (Mrs. Una Berrigan)1970 – 1973
Sister Mary Daniel1973 – 1983
Sister Anita Minihane1983 – 1986
Mrs. Marilyn Schwan1986 – 1991
Mrs. Marie Giorgi1992 – 2000
Mr. Charles Suarez2000 – 2007
Ms. Suzanne Smoley2007 – 2022
Mr. Michael Garcia2022 - Present