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Student Enrichment


The St. Rose School Chorus is open to students in grades 2 - 8. Chorus meets once a week at St. Rose School. The school Chorus performs at school concerts and the Diocesan Choral Festival, and also participates in weekly school and parish Masses.

Chimes and Handbells

St. Rose School offers the opportunity to students to participate in Chime Choir (gr. 3-4) and Hand Bell Choir (gr. 5-8). Musical pieces grow in complexity for students moving from Chime Choir into the Hand Bell Choir. The Choirs meet once a week at St. Rose School. Both Bell Choirs perform at school concerts and during school and parish Masses.


The St. Rose School Guitar Club offers an opportunity for students in 3rd through 8th grades to learn how to play guitar in a group atmosphere. The students work on beginning guitar chords to familiar songs. This is a fun, immersion experience to be introduced to music theory by practicing learning notes on each string.


St. Rose Robotics Club is for students who like to play with technology, be challenged, and gain some new computer skills. If you are new to coding and robotics or already have some experience, everyone is welcome. This is a fun, hands-on opportunity to program and control robots while gaining some valuable computer science knowledge.