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Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

The TK program offers our little learners the opportunity to grow, develop and gently push themselves toward Kindergarten "readiness." In TK, we enjoy physical play and plenty of body movement throughout our day that strengthens our large motor skills. We focus on assorted activities using fine muscle control such as: cutting, coloring, gluing, and paper-folding, as we participate in our daily art activities. Key curriculum components of our day include: hands-on math, literacy, science, art and creativity, play, Spanish, music, and a faith journey that will ensure our needs will be met as we take on obstacles and challenges in our lives. Most importantly, in TK our two little ears will learn to hear God’s Word. Our two little eyes will learn to see God’s love. Our two little hands will be lifted up to God as we learn to pray, play, and work with others.


The St. Rose Kindergarten program offers a comprehensive educational experience, blending academic rigor with play and socialization. Children engage in hands-on learning across all subjects. We prioritize recognizing and supporting individual learning styles, to create a positive environment. Our commitment extends to ensuring academic advancement and igniting a genuine passion.

Parent Overview Common Core State Standards | Kindergarten