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Catholic Identity

The Catholic faith and traditions are at the core of a St. Rose School education. These values are integrated throughout the curriculum. Students learn to imitate Christ by incorporating the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity in their everyday lives in the classroom, on the playground and at home. Students discover God’s presence in their lives and develop a deep sense of their Catholic faith.

In their daily religion classes students learn about their Catholic faith and traditions and come to deepen their understanding of the unique and personal relationship with a loving God. The Children learn through the Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Creed, the Sacraments, the life of Christ and prayer. Catholic faith lessons are integrated throughout all subject areas and the Gospel values and our diocesan-wide Education in Virtue are part of our lived experience of faith.

Our Mission statement and Schoolwide Learning Expectations convey the school’s strong Catholic Identity. Prayer is a part of every school day, from morning assembly, weekly, all school Mass, to communal and personal prayer opportunities throughout each day. The teachers at St. Rose School are certified Catechists in accordance with the diocesan certification requirements. As with all of the school’s prayer services, assemblies, and Masses, parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

Disciple of Christ | Education in Virtue


The Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue® is a Christian curriculum structured on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas regarding the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit. It aims to provide a consistent structure and systematic instruction for youth to learn about the virtues so that they can form the habits and dispositions necessary to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. This curriculum emphasizes Christian discipleship as indispensable toward human flourishing and the quest for joy. It has been developed in response to the call for a New Evangelization, firmly conveying the reality that happiness is found in a life of holiness.

In the school setting, the call to discipleship is extended not only to the students but also to their parents, the faculty, the staff, and the administration. It is the fruit of a personal encounter with Christ which affects one’s intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social life. “The disciple of Christ must not only keep the faith and live on it, but also profess it, confidently bear witness to it, and spread it” (CCC,1816).

Community Service

“Help one another. This is what Jesus teaches us. This is what I do, and I do it with my heart” ~Pope Francis

As a Mercy school, St. Rose retains the charism of Mercy and the Gospel value of service. At St. Rose School students, parents, and staff participate in many service activities that are tied to our Schoolwide Learning Expectations and the Corporal Works of Mercy, serving the poor and the needy. Our students have proven to be respectful citizens and an asset to the entire Roseville community supporting local organizations such as Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Rose of Lima Parish homeless lunch program. Through formation in faith and cooperation with God’s plan, we strive to create a culture of giving on our campus, in our homes, and in our broader community.