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Parent Club | Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

Parent Club

The St. Rose Parent Club is organized to assist the pastor and the principal in every way possible to provide for the needs of the students and the classrooms. All parents are members of the Parent Club and required to give yearly service points, a Parent Club fee tax-deductible fee, and scrip purchases:

  • to promote active involvement in their children's education
  • to build community
  • to raise funds

Funds raised by the Parent Club are used to sponsor spiritual, educational and cultural activities for students, parents, and faculty; for equipment, materials, books, and other supplies which are in the school budget and which will aid the educational work of the school.

Parents build community as they work together on fundraising, cleaning on Saturday Workdays, and earning their service points. While working for the general good, friendships and school pride result.

The officers meet monthly. All members of the club (parents) are welcome to attend these meetings.

We are very proud of the parents' participation. This support helps our school to be affordable and enjoyable for all and truly creates community.

Parent Commitment / Obligation

The Parent Club Commitment & Agreement outlines the two areas (yearly service point commitment and Scrip program) of parent participation and commitment to the St. Rose School Parent Club. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to complete all the service activities they have agreed to perform during the current school year. Parent commitment/obligations must be completed no later than May 15.

Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

The Principal of St. Rose School answers to both the Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish and to the Regional Director of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, Catholic Schools Association of Sacramento (CSAS). The primary role of the Advisory Commission is to serve as an advisory body to the Principal and Pastor in matters of Catholic education in South Placer County, in particular St. Rose School. CSAC also works to forward the school’s strategic plan, and to foster school community and a Catholic, faith-filled culture, thus enabling the Principal to serve as educational leader.

Advisory Commission Areas of Emphasis:

  • Mission Effectiveness (Catholic Identity)
  • Marketing and Development (Alumni Outreach and Public Relations Resource)
  • School in the Community (Outreach and Awareness) promoting lay ministry and service
  • Update and establish goals for the Strategic Plan
  • Advise in the implementation of policy
  • Develop ownership and stability for the future including guidance in the area of Finance
  • Facilities (Safety and Planning)
  • Support and assist the St. Rose School Parent Guild
  • Provide Parents/Guardians with a voice in their children‘s education

Responsibilities include:

  • Work under the direction of and in an advisory capacity to the Principal and Pastor in achievement of parish/school goals for Catholic education
  • Assist in determining sources of funding beyond tuition and parent fundraising
  • Serve as a liaison to the parent body and the parish thus strengthening our school community
  • Accomplish the Goals and Objectives of the Strategic Plan and evaluate the effectiveness of the Commission’s goals
  • Commission Chairs work with committee members to further the goals and accomplish the objectives of their subcommittee
  • Advising the administration on the implementation of policy

Sub-committee members work in collaboration with their respective Subcommittee Chairs to further the goals and accomplish the objectives of their subcommittee. This generally involves a minimum of one subcommittee meeting per month.

This Advisory Commission is strictly advisory and serves as the direction-setting body of our school. The Advisory Commission is always supportive of the policies of the Bishop and the Catholic School Department, and the Catholic Schools Association of Sacramento, (CSAS).